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11 days since website and Tamyra launch


At the time of this blog, I’ve been hammering away for a whopping 2 weeks as a “full-time author”.
So, what have I been up to?
I’ve been learning the in’s and out’s of professional writer things like:

  • ISBN#’s (International Standard Book Number, which oddly enough is issued in Canada by Collections Canada.)
  • Self-Publishing and all the various ways to do that.

Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra is now available for free not just on my website,

but also on Smashwords and as of this morning on Barnes and Noble

I’ve been doing just about anything to try and connect with potential readers. Everything from: posting ads in local classifieds, shamelessly spamming and self-promoting on forums, trying to get people to like and follow my social networking pages, trying to find reviewers for my book, handing out business cards and talking about my book to everyone and anyone who will listen, near-begging people to just give my book a shot! And I’ll tell ya, all this work of trying to promote my book is EXHAUSTING! On top of that… I have no clue if it’s having any effect at all.
Am I shouting into a void or are some of my crazy attempts connecting me to the people who would genuinely love to read a book like the Shiver Cove series?
I guess the only thing that will really tell is time.
And I should mention that (although tired and a little fried) I am immensely happy with the “progress” I’ve made in two short weeks for getting my book out there.
You, my readers, family and friends, have generously given me over 100 hundred likes on my Shiver Cove Facebook page.
I’ve had 329 views on my website, since it launched 11 days ago!
As of this morning I’d hit 100 downloads of Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra!!!
I know my efforts haven’t been for nothing and I’m so incredibly grateful to be blessed with such an amazing first 2 weeks.
I’ve also managed to get some actual writing stuff done too! I finished the outline for Book 7 (the final book) of the Shiver Cove series. I’ve written 2 chapters. (I’m writing this one out of order ‘cause that’s where the muses are taking me. Chapter 1 & 8 are written and I’m working on 11.) I’ve written 3 different, potential blogs. Finished a round of editing (thanks beta-reader Dad for your suggestions) on Shiver Cove, Part 2: Val. Finalized the book jacket blurb for Shiver Cove, Part 2: Val.
Yes, I’ve been a busy girl! And it’s all been well worth it. Although I’m still adjusting to “working for myself” and all that that entails (like dealing with the fear of not making money, or working weird hours, or taking off to catch a matinee), I’m loving it!

With Love and Gratitude until next time,
TJ Shortt