Part 2: Val

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Shiver Cove, Part 2: Val

Shaken by suspicious deaths in Shiver Cove, Val begins his own investigation. Five teenagers have been brutally mauled to death and the police aren’t looking for a murderer. The incidences have been deemed as ‘animal attacks’ and it seems only Val and his friends are searching for the actual killer. Certain the attacks have been committed by a supernatural being, Val hunts for a creature he calls ‘The Beast’.

After discovering a warning to ‘stay away’, Val knows he’s on the right track.

Too bad supernatural crime solving isn’t the only issue to content with. Family drama and an unstable love interest further complicate his life.

With ominous threats, strange occurrences and bodies stacking up in the morgue, Val and his friends race to discover the identity of ‘The Beast’ and he soon discovers this could be the easy part of the equation. Keeping his friends safe and surviving could prove much, much tougher.