Part 3: Sandi

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Shiver Cove, Part 3: Sandi

Recent ‘animal attacks’ in Shiver Cove have everyone on edge, but only Sandi and her friends realize the connection to an evil, creature they call ‘The Beast’.

Unlike some of her supernatural friends, Sandi is just a regular girl and she hates it. After failed months of trying to become a psychic medium, she decides to go in another direction. Secretly, Sandi begins to learn about magic.

When she discovers the concept of vision quests it seems like the perfect way to safely learn more about ‘The Beast’, although nothing ever goes smoothly in Shiver Cove.

The vision quest ends with Sandi in the hospital, leaving her explaining how she didn’t try to kill herself. Desperately she attempts to piece together any useful information from the vision.

Sandi pulls herself together just as the psychic side effects of her near-death experience begin to haunt her. Could her newfound abilities help in their quest to stop ‘The Beast’ or will she have to step away to protect the ones she loves?