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Purple Hair Experiment

Hi Everyone,
OK… so… I did something a little crazy. I dyed my hair purple! “Technically” it was only temporary, but I still walked around, shopped, ran errands, went to the gym, and saw friends and family with my hair purple.
Here’s my before photo…









Most people I choose to spend time with know me well enough that no one was particularly shocked. I did get a few funny looks here and there from strangers, but overall I didn’t find I was treated any different for sporting purple hair.
I must confess that I’ve always wanted to do some outlandish colour and I’m really happy I can now cross that off my bucket list. Working for myself certainly afforded me the opportunity. Although, I did tell some people I did it more as an experiment for my young adult readers than anything else.
Once I made my decision to do my hair a funky colour, I headed off to Sally to find out what would work best. I spent about an hour of driving poor Jason (my husband) crazy trying to choose a colour (turquoise and green were the other contenders) and then asked the sales clerks which brand and type they thought was best. The one girl had used a couple types and brands. She explained semi-permanent doesn’t last as long as demi-permanent and recommended Manic Panic
A little container of the Manic Panic, Ultra Violet cost me almost $15 CDN. Not outrageous, but certainly not cheap either.
I did 2 strand tests on my hair, one in the blonde and one in the brown parts of my hair.
Strand Test Photo











I wanted to know what I was getting myself into and if I would have an allergic reaction. Happy to say I didn’t have any kind of reaction by the way.
I waited about 2 weeks to see how much of the colour washed out before I did my whole head. The saleswoman in the store said 10 washes and the colour would be gone. I got up to 7 washes and I thought her estimate seemed about right.
So this is me with purple hair…







I documented my experiment with pictures for your viewing pleasure and I learned a few things along the way I’m going to share with you.
I did stain a bit of my skin purple. I scrubbed it like mad and still stain remained, but it washed away the next day no problem.
The first wash looked like a freak’n purple massacre in my shower! There was fluorescent purple foam everywhere. So much colour washed out I thought maybe the experiment was over. When my hair dried, the colour had lightened a bit, but was still just as purple.
After the 1st wash…







Conscious of my white tile and tub, I blasted the purple spots with water right away so nothing stained. I highly recommend an old or dark colour towel. This stuff stains fabric. It also stains nails. I tried to take a picture, but I don’t think you can really see it.
Stained nails…







My pillowcase definitely took a beating. Not once did I go to bed with wet hair (which would have been even worse). I would definitely use a dark colour pillowcase next time.







Be warned… swimming is not a good idea, especially before you’ve washed your hair at least 10 times. This was something I hadn’t taken into consideration and it really ticked me off as I love swimming and go at least once a week for exercise.
Wash 2 was just as brutal as wash 1. Purple everywhere in my shower. To make the colour last longer, I would buy a colour preserving shampoo and conditioner. I just used my regular shampoo.
After 2nd wash…









I would say that up until wash #6 it looked like a purple foam mess in my shower. Here are the results from washes 3 through 7…
























In the interests of honesty… after wash #7 I got a little nervous that perhaps there would still be purple in my hair after the 10 washes (the sales clerk at Sally told me that was all it would last).
Wash #8 I did 2 washes back-to-back.









By wash #9 I was definitely ready to be done with the purple. I absolutely loved the experiment, don’t get me wrong, but… the gray hair in my roots needed dying when I started the experiment and the purple washed off those pesky grays in the 1st wash. Not a problem most of you will have hopefully for years to come.
So for wash #9 I kicked it up a bit and washed my hair 5x.

Holy smokes was I disappointed once my hair dried… with purple still in it. Wash #10 I figured washing my hair 10x would definitely get all of the colour out. Not my smartest move as my eyes were burning by the end.

After wash #10 my experiment was supposed to be over, except it wasn’t. I went back to Sally to ask how I could get the rest of the purple out and was told that it probably wouldn’t come out. Apparently Manic Panic can stain blonde hair for good. The clerk at Sally told me I would have to do a bleach bath to get the rest out. Saddened – with no intentions of bleaching my hair – I took to the internet to find out if there was another, less harmful, way.
In the meantime wash #11 happened and I washed my hair 4 or 5x until I stopped seeing any purple rinsing out, hoping.
There was significantly less, but it was still there.

Then I found the solution. As whacky as it sounds, it worked very well and I didn’t have to bleach. By crushing up 10 vitamin C pills, 500mg each, adding it to my shampoo, wetting my hair, putting the concoction on my hair, foaming it up and letting it sit for about 45 mins released crazy amounts of purple down the drain! I did this 3x over 2 days and there was little to no damage to my hair.
I also got sick and washed my hair about 3 more times over the next five days. I had the bright idea to leave the shampoo foamed up in my hair for 10 minutes for these last washes. Oddly enough, each time the smell of the vitamin C potion came back after the shampoo sat for about 10 minutes and then more purple rinsed out of my hair.
My apologies that I didn’t picture document each vitamin C treatment or the subsequent washes.
Here is the final picture. There was a tiny bit of purple left (most people would never even notice it.)
I also can’t be sure of if it was the vitamin C or the temp dye or something I’m not even thinking of, but my highlights in the back lightened quite a bit. I don’t mind. It was just an interesting side effect of my experiment.

The purple took much better to and appeared to last the longest on my blonde hair. I’m not sure what the effects would be like on dark hair.
Overall the Manic Panic proved to be a great value for the money as it just didn’t want to wash out.
I love experiments and highly recommend them. Not just on hair, but many things such as experimenting cooking interesting new dishes.
If you live under a parent’s and/or guardian’s roof, please make sure you have their permission for all of your experiments.

With Love and Gratitude until next time,
TJ Shortt