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To Write or Not to Write, Right?

Hi Everyone!
The truth of the matter is there are days when I can’t think about anything other than writing. Days I drive my husband crazy because when I’m not hammering away at the keyboard – and giving voices to my imaginary friends – I’m still completely preoccupied with the writing.
It’s a part of me. Writing is as natural to me as breathing. There are times when I’ve been away from it for too long and I get cranky.
And then there are the other times. Times when I just want to hang out with family and friends, or create something else (like art or jewelry), or focus on my garden or sit and read books, or, or, or.
There are so many amazing things in this world and I want to experience and enjoy them all. I’m a passionate person, especially when I’m discovering something new to love. I tend to get a bit focused and even a little obsessed with new adventures and discoveries and hobbies.
So, I indulge my latest obsessions… for a time. I grasp it and take it all in until I’ve had my fill and then eventually I let it go bit by bit and settle into a comfortable love instead of the excited/obsessiveness. That’s when it happens.
The allure of the blank page begins to tug at me once more and my characters again become my focal point.
And that’s when I want to write. When I hear the whispering of my heart to create.
So do I write everyday? No. I can’t even say I write every month or even week. I write when it’s right for me. And when it’s right, it’s write!

With Love and Gratitude until next time,
TJ Shortt